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深圳市AG8在线 科技有限公司

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深圳市AG8在线 科技有限公司是一家专业从事真空及常压等离子表面处理技术的研发、销售和推广为服务的国家高新企业,公司密切注视国内外等离子技术发展趋势,结合国内外的客户的实际情况,在行业内形成了独特的优势。其产品专长用于玻璃、塑料、薄膜、金属等材料的表面清洁和改性处理等。其客户有包装领域、塑料领域、汽车工业领域、电子产品领域、精密玻璃领域等给提供未来快速成长的电子信息产业提供关键的技术。公司主营产品有低温等离子体表面处理机、常压等离子处理机、真空等离子清洗机等。产品引进德国先进的低温等离子技术,其系列产品售往国外及国内各大省市。 

Company Profile

Shenzhen Fangrui Technology Co., Ltd. is a national hi-tech enterprise specialized in researching, developing, selling and promoting vacuum and atmospheric pressure plasma surface treatment. With constantly focusing on the development trend of both domestic and foreign plasma technology and by combining actual situations of customers at home and abroad, the Company has already formed its unique advantages within the industry, with its products mainly applied in surface cleaning and modified treatment for glass, plastics, diaphragms and metal materials. Besides, with its customers coming from different fields including packaging, plastic, automobile industry, electronic product, medical treatment and precision glass, the Company has always provided various key technologies for fast-growing electronic information industry. At present, main products of the Company include Low-temperature Plasma Surface Processor, Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Processor and Vacuum Plasma Cleaner, etc. Relying on advanced low-temperature plasma technology imported from German, its products have already been sold to major domestic and overseas provinces and cities.

Adhering to the operation principle of Customer First and Credit Uppermost and the enterprise spirit of Integrity, Pragmatism, Development and Innovation, the Company is always dedicated to providing more professional and more quick services for manufacturers both at home and abroad. 

深圳市AG8在线 科技有限公司专业生产真空等离子清洗机,常压等离子处理机设备